KBR chip reader won't read my NeXT implant any more

My chip reader for some reason just stopped my chip in my hand I used to read it just fine. This was concerning since I thought there’s something wrong with my chip but both my phone and my flipper have no issues reading it. After doing that I used my hospital badge to see if that would be red that’s a Mayfair 1K classic and it read it just fine then I used the two cards that came with the proxmark and those work just fine as well. I even took it out of its case but the antenna directly on top of it. I’m not sure what else to do.

You might need to open the reader up. The antenna inside is stuck to the underside of the top of the plastic case and it may have become unstuck and is hanging in the middle somewhere inside the case… that might cause reading / performance issues with your NExT


I did try that I opened it up and put the antenna on to it in all different positions. It reads mayfaire classic 1k cards fine for some reason but it doesn’t read my chip anymore. even though it used to.

mine looked a little different than the picture as well mine has a square whole in the middle but I put the antenna right on it. my chip isn’t super deep in my hand either.

Mine is the older version.
Yours is the newer better version, well it would be if it was working

Are you presenting the chip across (perpendicular to) the antenna?

Yes I’m presenting it in all different orientations

hmm. you’ve opened the reader and you’re presenting the implant directly to the antenna coil? I’m just trying to figure out why it might be working with cards but not the implants… i mean, it could be drastically out of tune. did it get frozen at some point or super hot by chance? just thinking the tuning capacitance might have gotten out of whack if the capacitors were damaged by temperature is all, but i’m grasping at straws really.

I don’t believe so. It’s lived in my office all it’s life. I guess things just happens. I keep trying my chip in my hand in different readers too to see if it gets picked up and thankfully it does. Even after using my flipper and proxmark I was still worried it might be the NeXT chip in my hand that was broken. Is there any way I can run a diagnostic on the reader?

did you try it in another USB port, preferably one with a higher power output :zap: ?