KBR1 can't read my xMagic chip anymore


I have a xMagic implant that was recently able to unlock my desktop computer, but suddenly isn’t getting good reads from my KBR1 reader anymore.

Just a couple things I’ve noticed/tried. My xMagic can be read from my proxmark so I don’t believe there’s any issue with the chip. As for the KBR1 it can read the sample cards that came with my Proxmark, but can’t read my xMagic. I’ve even removed the housing from the KBR1 reader and tried reading my implant from different angles using the coil and still no luck. My KBR1 is also connected to a powered USB hub that plugs into my computer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I’m out of ideas except for just buying a new KBR1.


Hi there!

A couple of questions first:

How long ago was the xMagic installed?

Have you tried poking around the KBR1 with the xFD keychain to see how the LED reacts?

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Can you post a photo of the inside of your KBR1 and confirm the antenna has not become unglued from the top casing? Sometimes the antenna coil will fall away from the underside of the top casing, increasing distance and decreasing readability with x-series implants.

Also be sure you are presenting your xMagic so it crosses the antenna perpendicularly.

Finally, odd as it may sound, is your KBR1 getting cold or really warm in the room that it’s in? Temperature will affect internal components which affect overall tuning. Extreme variations from room temperature could affect performance.

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Hey appreciate the help!

The xMagic was installed August this year.

I sadly don’t have a xFD keychain but I can always order one.

Don’t believe it was glued to the top of the casing when I initially opened it. Doesn’t look to have any glue marks but does have a styrofoam insert.

I’ve tried reading it perpendicularly with and without the case and still no luck. I’ve also tried “sliding” my hand or trying to read around the edges of coil. It was working in the morning when I first set it up and stopped around the afternoon.

I wouldn’t say it gets extremely hot or cold in my room. Really only ranges from 65-85 Fahrenheit. Is there possibly a way to re-tune/reset it or would I have to replace components on the board for that?

Hmm interesting. I do know these models and this antenna configuration is valid. When it worked in the morning, was it plugged in before that or did you plug it in to power it up?

Have you tried direct to PC USB?
ideally one with :zap:

Yeah it was plugged in before that.

I had it plugged in to my PC USB ports before that but they didn’t have enough power to support the KBR and it would just keep beeping constantly. I plugged it into another computer to test it and it worked fine, which led me to buying the powered USB hub.

So my thought here is that maybe some component on the board got hot and detuned the whole reader… if it worked at first and then not, then I would try unplugging the kbr1 and leaving it sit overnight, then try plugging it in again in the morning and see if it works better… then test again later and see if it stops working so well later in the day. If that proves true then we can work in that direction.

Hey everyone,

Good news it works now. I tried plugging it in during the morning and afternoon since I had it unplugged from last night, but that didn’t change anything.

I did however remove it and my keyboard/mouse from my “Bluetooth & other devices” menu.

Then proceeded to remove all of them from the device manager menu and restarted my computer.

After that I decided to plug it into the computer without the USB hub for fun because I was out of ideas at the point, but now it wasn’t beeping constantly like when I first tried plugging it in. I thought that was weird but it still wasn’t reading inside the case so I decided to remove it and try scanning and then it started getting good reads.

I want to say it was a mix of competing with other devices on my computer mixed with the the housing blocking it, but I’m not entirely sure? I did also apply some windows/drivers updates but I’m not sure if these would make any difference.

But all in all thank you everyone for helping me out!