KBR1 Issue - Have to Unplug Each Morning

I set up the KBR1 so I can use it to log into my work laptop (Windows 10). I keep it plugged into my docking station, and have the KBR1 wired/taped under my desk. The KBR1 only comes on when my laptop is connected to the docking station.

My issue is, when first connecting my laptop to the docking station, and turning on my laptop (via the button on the docking station), the laptop turns on, and the KBR1 lights up and beeps. But, when I go to scan my NExT, it beeps but doesn’t type. I’m then forced to reach under my desk and unplug the cord and replug it in. After that, the KBR1 works as normal.

Has anyone else experienced this? Do you have a suggestion so I don’t have to keep unplugging my KBR1 every morning?

I’m thinking a possible solution would be to get one of those USB switches/adapters that have buttons to turn the USB on/off, but not sure if that would work.

I tried to find it on google but no luck, you surely can use powershell to unmount and remount the device

Ok. I thought I had it… I noticed my docking station had an “Always On” USB slot. I plugged the KBR1 into that and rebooted. The KBR1 stayed on but still a no go.

I’ll plug the KBR1 directly into the laptop to make sure that isn’t the issue. If it works, then I know it’s something with how the Laptop reacts with the Docking Station.

Yeah, that would be my suggestion also.
Try them all…

Plugging directly into the laptop works upon restart. So issue is with my docking station.

Weird that my wireless keyboard and mouse work upon startup, but not the KBR1…I’ll think of something.

Side Note… remind me to be careful where I place my phone. Despite my office table being a couple inches thick, the KBR1 detected my phone through the table. That sound woke me right up lol.

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I am currently using my KBR1 to unlock my computer. I can hear the first beep when my computer turns on and beeps when I wave my hand over it but it doesn’t input anything. To resolve this I have to unplug the KBR1 and plug it back it for it to read my implant. Is there a way to solve this so I don’t have to unplug and plug it back in each time I turn on my computer?

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KBR1 Issue - Have to Unplug Each Morning

Maybe @Pilgrimsmaster can do magic and merge the threads…

I was actually playing around with this today, cause I’m still having issues, haven’t purchased the usb switch thingy yet.

Only thing I did today was move the KBR1 lower so it would stop reading my phone when placed on my table, and I put the usb extender in a good position where I can easily unplug it in the morning.

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Someone mentioned in your post it might be best to insert it directly into your computer instead of a USB dock. I have mine in a dock so I’ll plug it in my computer directly and see if that fixes things. Too bad though because the dock adds extra length as I need the KBR1 on the opposite side of my desk

Yes, I had no issues when plugging directly into my laptop. But I do use a dock. I work in IT; have double monitors, wireless keyboard/mouse, webcam, ethernet cable, etc…
I did try another docking station (completely different model, and still no luck)

That’s why I use the usb extender. My docking station is on the right side of my desk, and I have the USB Extender duck tapped under my desk with the KBR1 underneath the left side of my desk.

Some people have reported issues with windows 10 and specific drivers, those were usually solved by a USB hub, which is why the thought is it might be some sort of power saving issue.

There are several threads on the topic.

Sounds like I need to pop open the Amazon app and get myself an extension cable! I appreciate the help :slight_smile:

An extension cable won’t solve it if it is a power issue. A powered USB hub will. In my case as I switch input devices between two computers I have a 4-in, 2-out powered USB switch/hub. I find it really useful. (Although I would prefer a 3-out version)

Luckily I do have a powered USB hub so I’ll try that

The powered USB hub fixed it! :partying_face:


Ok great to hear. I’ll have to order myself one as well

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This one worked for me:

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I was looking at this…

USB Extension Cable 2Pcs with ON/Off Switch USB Male to Female Cable Support (Data and Power) for LED Desk Lamp, USB Fan, LED Strips etc


Not sure if it’ll work. It’s all I need. Don’t need the extra ports or power aspect. For less than $10, I’ll give this a shot, plus it’s also got some length to it…

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That looks solid. I might have to grab one too haha

Update on the USB Extension Cable Switch I bought on Amazon:

Works great. It weirdly almost fixed my issue completely. I only had to use it once since I installed it (other times the KBR1 just worked as expected), and it worked fine. A lot easier to reach under my desk and flip a switch, then have to unplug and replug the USB from the dock. (Yup I’m lazy :grin:)