KBR1 not working on desktop

Hey everyone, I recently got the KBR1 for my NExT and I am having an issue connecting this to my desktop. With my laptop the KBR1 works fine, but when I connect it to my desktop the reader will continuously beep and not work. I’m only able to see it on my laptop’s device manager as well. The KBR1 will make an additional beep on my desktop when I present my implant but it will not print the ID. Both computers are running Windows 10.

has anyone had an issue like this?

This sounds like the KBR1 is not getting enough power. Check the USB port power settings to ensure there are no low power options set. Also try different port? Maybe try it with a powered hub.

I was able to get it working with a powered hub, not too sure why it wasn’t working straight into the USB. didn’t matter which port and all power settings were correct. Thanks for the help!

Low-power USB devices like the KBR1 are allowed to pull up to 100 mA from a USB port without further power negotiation. Most tabletop NFC / RFID readers try to pull as much as possible. The ones I have typically pull 90 mA. My guess is that your USB port isn’t quite healthy enough to respect the USB specs.

Of course, the other issue is that the KBR1 is a DT device, meaning it has extra power requirements to report back to the DT mind control transmitter. Even with DT’s giant antenna, it takes quite a lot of power to transmit all the way to the PNW :slight_smile: