KBR1 Output Modification

Hey everyone,

I just bought and received the Dangerous KBR1 and it’s fantastic! No setup, very fast and far reads, and just does what it’s supposed to out of the box. So big thanks to Amal for making this!

But I was wondering if it anyone knows how to modify the output from it? I’m interested in using it to unlock my computer like in this video but my ID contains letters in it. I know I could use it as my password instead of my PIN but I’d rather have both available. What I’d like to do is convert any hexadecimal characters to their decimal counterpart. a -> 10, b -> 11, etc.

Any ideas on how to do this?

No need to change output… the Windows 10 PIN system allows letters :slight_smile:


Oh wow, that’s so weird. I swear I tried it yesterday and it was complaining about having a letter in it but I was in a rush and must have misread something. Tried it now and it works fine. Thanks a lot Amal!

I had already started working on a custom driver just to work around this lol

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Interesting… we might have a chat soon :slight_smile:

How far did you got on this @Neurotrace? I am more interested in it so that I can have separate passwords for different computers by slightly changing the output.

Unfortunately, I never got anywhere with it. It was beyond my skill set

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OMG, you’re gonna get assimilated!

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