Kbr1 problm wont pick up chip

my kbr1 will not pick up my NExT but i works my card and the led works good on the field detector i had the implant done on Friday its Wednesday now my phone pick up the chip no problem and i have a big plate on the back for mounting in my car for gps and pandora i can post a video so show this if need be

Hmm… that is very strange. Can you take a video of the xLED working with the KBR1 and then a failure to read.your NExT? Be sure the NExT is oriented the same way the xLED is, perpendicular to the antenna coil in the KBR1.

est need my phone to charg up some more thanks for the fast respons

sorry its so dark i can get a better vied of it tomorrow when i can have help

this is the better video now that i had someone to hold a camera for me
iv try this overt and over and over agen no mater how i do it or how fast or slow i go or if i hold the tag rtie to whare the xled lites up still will not scan it but works find with my card

In both you videos you are moving the reader very quickly. Slow down! There is only a small positioning window that the reader will be able to couple with the tag. If you move it that fast over the tag it doesn’t have time to read.

You have the xLED so you can see exactly how to position and orient the tag for best coupling (based on the LED brightness). Put your implant in exactly the same position and orientation and hold it there making small adjustments. Not a “passing” motion. Moving the tag does nothing to make it read better, it’s exactly the opposite. (except in certain cases of battery powered readers, but that’s a not the case here)

I’m also having this issue with my NeXT chip an KBR1,
Again verified with the xLED and other ISO1444A tags,
Proxmark tells me the NeXT chip is iso1444-3A i dont expect thats an issue but I’d though I’d mention it for the NFC Boffins to know about

Might be due to the orientation of NExT. The HF antenna is on one side and the LF is on the other. Orientation is so critical for coupling that you might need to try each end of the NExT independently to get a good read.

The antenna inside the KBR1 is a rectangle that runs around the periphery of the casing. You need your tag to be oriented with the correct side (HF) oriented like this:


thanks iv bean out of town for a bit iv bean playing some still unable to get it to read will try agin today when im not hafe asleap

the nfc works fine with my phone when my phone is working lol that will be fix soon new note 9 is on its way to me yea upgrade forme my note edge

Hmm… if the KBR1 still isn’t working, you can reply to the order confirmation email to get a replacement shipped to you. Sorry this has taken so long to resolve.

i may do that but i still kinda think its part me because it works with the square card tags i have and even works with my phone
edit is iv now tried using the kdr1 in the opposed way crossed my hand(and pussing the chip up some still not a thing) and still no read but if i use my broke phone (that dont even have a working battry (note edge)) or card that came in kit or my id bag it works fine

has anyone else had probables with the NExT

is it possible its the chip?

Can you read the NExT with other readers, or your phone? We do test each chip before we place them into syringes, so it is unlikely the chip is the problem. How deep is the chip implanted? Can you feel it under your skin when you touch your implant location with your finger?