KBR1 question with NExT

Hey, I’m trying to set up my computer to take my NExT as a password. Will the KBR1 read the NExT? KBR1 advertises working with ISO14443A, and the NExT is NTAG216, but they are the same frequency, of 13.56. Will 8t be compatible?

Yes. :slight_smile:

I just tested it with mine to double check :smiley:

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From the product page

NExT - xNT

13.56MHz NTAG216 ISO14443A NFC chip Type 2

For use with the xNT end of the NExT, we include our Dangerous Keyboard Reader 1 (KBR1), which acts like a USB keyboard that “types out” the UID of ISO14443A chips it reads.

Full datasheet