KBR1 won't read xnt implant

I recently bought the KBR1 to use on my computer but it doesn’t seem to want to scan my tag. I tried to use a random NFC sticker and that worked but my implant won’t. Any solution would be much appreciated.

Hi Braylo41,

Thank you for your post. I personally test each one with my own implant before allowing them out the door. I admit that due to the inherent nature of NFC coupling, getting the right orientation to the the chip can totally be a challenge. When I first started doing this, I was like great, I’ve got a bunch of duds that need to go in the trash. But once you find it, the unit it usable.

The coupling occurs when the reader and your implant are perpendicular to one another and the implant is within 2mm of the reader. What I do during testing is gently press the flesh between my index finger and thumb and literally go over the entire unit until I get a read, then I make sure I can get a repeat on the read. If I don’t get a read, I change the orientation of the reader and do it again until I do. I’m able to do this with a gloved hand.

Try this Braylo41. Let me me know if you still run into trouble. You can always PM me. We won’t abandon you :slight_smile:

My best,


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