Key fob generator

I need a key less entry for a 2012 Nissan cube 2012. Can I do it with NFC or rdif?

there is not a off the shelf plug and play option.

More information is needed about how your cube works?

Is it proximity?
do you have a fob?
how many buttons?
Push to start?
Do you need unlock only or lock also?

More details = better answer


What is proximity
Yes it has a fob
I believe it has three bottoms
No push start
I will unlock the car set off the alarm then get in the car and program the fob according to the you tube video I watched.
I’m trying not to set off the alarm tho

There are a couple of different types,
this is a common one
Passive keyless entry (PKE) is an automotive security system that operates automatically when the user is in proximity to the vehicle

Is this your car?


So you have only asked about keyless entry, so you dont care about start?
Are you happy to use a key!?

There are a number of approaches you could try but I am still not clear what you you want to do…


More details = better answer

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Yes it’s my car but I lost the key. That’s why I need to reprogram the fob.

Buttons. My bad.

It actually has 4 BUTTONS I’m not worried about the key cause the locksmith said he can get the code of the key pins with the vin number. Once the keys cut I will have no problem starting it but I just want to be sure this video is the way to go as far as the fob is concerned

I have one sitting on my drive and can tell you it doesn’t use 125khz or 13.56mhz frequency. You have to get a replacement fob and get it reprogrammed.

Would the locksmith be able to tell me the correct what is that frequency? I’m buying an o.e.m does that sound familiar? It cost 65 bucks instead of 5.95 and I thought that’s what the guys in the YouTube video were doing?

Oem means original equipment manufacturer, so basically you are getting an approved copy from nissan (or their authorised supplier). I had a search and couldn’t find one in a cheaper price range than what you quoted. So I guess they’re not easy to find or not readily produced on the copy market.

The locksmith might be able to tell you the frequency but it won’t help you much. On the other hand, if they are using manufacturer issued fob copying machines then it might not even tell them the frequency. I don’t dabble in car fobs so I can’t really tell you much else.
Some of my google-fu turned up suggestions that it might be 315mhz but it’s dependent on the year od the model.

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Well thank you for your insight into the matter. I’m gonna ask the locksmith if my vin can possibly tell him information about the fob. It’s gonna tell him the key cut so why not? I don’t understand how these guys could make a YouTube video showing that their process works but then hearing elsewhere it don’t. Wth? I really don’t want to pay 300 bucks smh. Thanks fellas oh yea thanks for the OEM definition. I knew I had it right

I was able to get an $8 key from AliExpress, a $30 OBDII Bluetooth dongle from amazon and then use the OBD JScan app ($24.99 to register my VIN in app) to add/pair the new key to my car. It worked way better than the $90 xhorse RFID hitag2 cloning tool I also got from AliExpress. My car has the “fobik” style key, no metal, just RFID to start it and radio to lock and unlock.

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