Key Fob, Home Door Unlock, Payment, Licenses on Implant

Looking to put:

  • Divers License
  • Passport
  • International Drivers Livens

Other licenses information on 1 chip, connect it to Facebook and other Social Media.

I have a Key Fob with no physical key ignition, C7 Corvette and would like to utilize the implant to function as the Key Fob.

I’m thinking the Remote Start, Hatch Pop, could just pull up on NFC through the OnStar App

Would like the car to recognize the implant as the Key Fob so I no longer need to carry the Key Fob.

I would like to open my door to the house as well.

Also, put a simple form of Payment

The idea is to completely get rid of all the Goverment ID cards.

Other Ideas:
No isuarance cards, Can’t Drive a Vehical without Insurance, Vehical won’t start.

Chip and digitized, would eliminate all the Bulk. No more card printers, no more passports, all the materials and sources that go into all that garbage that still seems to be relevant, connected to a Universal Income. Would dismantle all the Goverment support facilities and all the people that they are staffed with. Poof instantly digitized. No more Drama.

Many Thanks,
Rob S.

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Man wouldn’t we all like that.

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You read our minds :slight_smile:

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Just let me know when you want to coordinate on all of this… I’m poor but willing… LoL

Sure would, need to start working on it, I’m lost as where to even begain :man_shrugging:t2:

Altered Carbon on NetFlix, anyone watching it?

Keep your eye on :slight_smile:

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