KEY2PAY MINI Conversion

Hey All,


Has anyone in the EU (ideally France, Spain, Germany - you know the less liberal countries) had the chip from the key2pay converted to an implant? And if so how are getting on with it? Any functionality issue? Comfort issue’s etc?

Having read around on here about the Walletmor…and given what icard has said to me… I’m now thinking laks chip is a lot less likely to be randomly killed… (given walletmor is already on icards radar) I’ve also read the TOS on walletmors website… it’s not very reassuring… buy it, well post it and then you’re on your own… that will be a few hundred bucks, please…

But I still want the payment implant… so I’m looking at the best way to go about it. For now, my trust is in DT and this community for advice/info.

(Trying to learn from my last erroneous purchase and plan this out correctly this time)

Thanks :blush: