Knife edge inserton guide

Can someone help me carry out a proper knife edge inserton?

I have only pictures from my flexDF install

Lots of people actually:

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I am curious about this as well. I don’t see how the skin in that area can be lifted adequately for a needle install. Does anyone have a good video of the process?

That is how i have done it.

Im not a professional piercer.
That was my first knife edge install.

But maybe it still helps you a bit.


I’m on the go and I don’t really have the time for a longer, more detailed post.


Have a nice day/night.


where are you located? so that we can hopefully direct you to a local capable piecer? or you can check the map that @yeka provided for you above.

alternatively, depending on where you are in the world,

hopefully the piercer doesn’t need a guide, but here are a couple more videos to accompany @mrln 's video and @JennyMcLane pictures that may assist

@JPlowman post
🩸 xG3, xSIID, getting tased, and another xG3 an interesting two weeks the first video shown is a blade/knife edge install and a great write up in its own right.

(also shared in this thread

Install Videos and Pictures 🩸 - #96 by JPlowman)

and @Rum 's great video install post


You will see in the videos I linked to above, especially the @JPlowman one, the piercer does an awesome job of palpation and “working” the area, separating up the skin layers, which would have made a huge difference and easier for both him and @JPlowman

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Since this is more knife edge related than xG3 related I’ll post this here. Is this the proper spot for a knife edge install? I figured there’s plenty of meat-buffer there and the skin doesn’t bunch up much at that spot when I make a fist.


That’s about where mine ended up, and it’s been great