KP6020 Multiple Frequency USB reader

Anyone had any experience with this reader? Just ordered one to mess with, looks really decent just not sure if it’ll work with X series tags.

PC/SC over USB C.
Has a sim slot for secure elements.
EMV Compliant.

Supported Standards:

13.56 MHz:

  • ISO 14443 Type A & B
  • ISO 15693/18000-3 Mode 3
  • ISO 18092 NFC

125 KHz:

  • ISO 18000-2


No but I’ll be watching, any reason you went for pc/sc rather than the COM version?

Because the PC/SC is the interface that most software uses. It’s the same protocol as the ACR122U etc.
The com interface is more for industrial hardware like stock tracking or pos systems I believe.

Nice spotting Sam

When you get it, it would be cool if you had time to drop a review

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100% intend too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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