Kpay Conversion


I was wondering if it’s possible to convert the Kpay Maverick into a flex implant?

I already have an Apex Flex that I really like (which is great for security). I was eager to have the payment option with Fidesmo, but as time goes on, I’m becoming more uneasy with this solution. The security aspects of the Apex Flex make me want to have a separate implant for payments so I don’t have to scan my security implant on payment terminals I’m not familiar with.

I’ve looked around a bit, and the Maverick from Kpay seems reasonably priced and supports Fidesmo Pay.

Maybe @amal ?

Cool idea. As I know Apex won’t have payment update. I was thinking about to convert my bank card into an implant but this would be a better solution. But without knowing what’s under the cover it’s hard to say anything.
I mean fix size, dimensions, etc

If you could get one and pull it out of the silicone and take pictures, I could tell you how likely it is to be converted.

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