Laws and Rights regarding Implants

Ouch! Wish you all the best, guess that might be fun :wink: Keep us updated on how nice this turns out :smiley:

I’m usually quite good at convincing my brain that I’m watching surgical things done to me without anesthetics from another person’s perspective. In this case, what worries me isn’t so much the flexNExT itself, but rather the flexM1 and the flexEM that will follow immediately after. 3 big implants in quick succession might prove a bit much…

That’s one method, great that it works for you! Never managed to do that, so I rather convert pain to fun in my brain, works pretty well too :wink:

But three implants in one go might be really hard - not only in the very moment of implantation (just take care you don’t pass out, the rest should be fine), but rather during healing… it’s a lot of work for your body. But, considering what I read from you here, I think you know your body pretty well, so I guess you know what you do :wink:

Common misconceptions you can get anesthetic legally in the uk just have to understand how :wink:

I recently did a removal using procaine as an anesthetic (really need to do a quick write up on that).


I did yesterday, not in the UK but in Sweden. It was tough, not gonna lie but I survived.

Hey, congrats! Where have you placed it? How’s it going?

Can imagine that… the separation of the skin might feel pretty uncomfortable, I guess

It’s behind my wrist, forearm territory.
It’s feeling pretty good, just mildly sore, a teeny bit bruised and swollen but not too painful. I’ll do a write up and post pics and the video (I filmed the whole thing).
The stitches are rough but it was my installers first time, we will see how the scar looks but I’m not concerned at all.
The pocket bit was rough but quick overall


Can’t wait! When I did mine you could clearly see the tendons and veins and stuff under the pocket like you do in an anatomy book… that’s not something you see everyday so I’m sad I couldn’t film it.

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