Layering NFC/RFID

Hi there! New to the implants. I have 3. 2 Blinkie NFC’s and one RFID.

Question: when storing information/programs/etc into the nfc, is the layer order important. How can I get it to execute multiple functions without always reading the first file?

For example.

Layer of my right hand NFC files:

  1. Shortcut (tap and go, takes me to my discord server and a specific channel)
  2. My PayPal account
  3. My twitch info.

When trying to share my PayPal or twitch info with another person, the Shortcuts program file is the only file read.

Does this make sense?

Depends entirely on the reader and the software driving it, not really in your control.

If we’re talking about an NDEF record being scanned by a mobile device (most common usage) you could store a link to a site where these things are available and then whoever scans it chooses what they want.

So say a hotel key is programmed in there and in the 4th position of the list, since the door reader is only programmed to read the key and not websites/other programs it’ll accept the door key only?

So NDEF “Messages” on a standard implant like the NExT or xSIID are a container that contains multiple NDEF “Records” in a specific order like you’re saying. Sometimes if you’re lucky with the Android version an Android phone will let you pick which record you would like to interact with. I would say 90+% of the time any phone or reader will just access the first record and ignore the rest. The best solution is the website with many links like Ethan suggested.

That structure is older. Newer NFC implants like the VivoKey Apex smartcard implant and to a lesser extent the DESFire based implants have a “file system” that improves on that. In the file system implants the reader sends an application ID (AID) with its read request which tells the implant which of the numerous use-cases you want to use at that moment. That requires coding on the implant, and a reader pre-programmed to interact with your AID of choice though.

That’s why you see people with so many implants on here. If you want to share multiple things it’s easier to just have multiple implants with one thing each. Honestly the technology is just not great and was designed by industry professionals with tiny ambitions. We’re working on a better future though.