Lazy reporting?

KGUN9 on Walletmor


NGL all of this bullshit that started from the BBC may end up being beneficial to the post where amal was asking about the global economy. I’ve seen it EVERYWHERE, ladbible, BBC etc everyone’s talking about it


I genuinely got recommended that awful KGUN article in my news feed. Not good.

Me too. You can tell it you are not interested in things, but “badly researched articles” isn’t one of them.

KOIN 6 has a similar story with the claim that the technology can’t be sold in the US.

Very good!

More :eyes: == more borgs!

(Assuming this was shown to you because random, not because ad companies know you’re a borg)

Adding this as it is actually an accurate story… But on the same theme.

Fox 4 on Walletmor

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It’s almost entertaining how many “news stations” are picking off this one original article. Here’s another for the record that just popped up on my Google feed,


That article you posted was actually pretty concise. It seems like an obvious conclusion that smaller outlets would repackage the stories of big news organizations like the BBC. They’re tight on funds, so if you approach your editor with an article that was “good enough for the BBC” and just requires a short period of time to type it out with new wording, it seems like a slam dunk.

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