Learning without bricking

Background: I have no coding experience. I have learnt to use my phone to get good use out of my NTAG216. I have configured a Flipper with xtreme and Proxmark3 with the iceman doodad. So far I have used both to explore, copy and save the contents of my chips.
I now want to learn how to clone but I want to proceed with caution because I am worried that my lack of an overall understanding might cause me to brick chips or devices.

Are there any simple warnings that would help me understand what to avoid doing while I’m taking my first steps?


Generic NTAG216 and xMagic

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buy some cheap card and go to town.
At first i would do the command to the blank card and test it before loading the same command to the chip.

I always have a few T5577 and MagicM1 handy for this kind of things :+1:


+1 for this - I’ve picked up a myriad of T5577/NTAG/Mifare cards across amazon & aliexpress so I can test things and make other things nfc-able. This 20 pack of NTAG 216 stickers is $10 on amazon with free prime shipping https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09M8JF4HL


As the others mentioned, learn by breaking shit, just not your implants.

Cards are cheap and easy to replace, implants are not.

My suggestion would be to buy all your cards in one go rather than getting them in drips and drabs. That way you can expand your learning as you go without having to place new orders and wait for them, plus you’ll probably save money on postage.

i got both of mine from KSEC Since they are in convenient bundles, I didn’t have to search around.

Test card pack

Magic card bundle

Heres a couple of Flipper ones that may help


Honestly, dont worry. The gen1 is rarely bricked. You have the advantage of being able to use Flipper to do a Wipe. In any event i second the whole going to town on some practice cards first. If you want some cards for the gen1a you may also find them under the description NUID, CUID tends to refer to gen2 cards. In the years I’ve been studying RF I’ve never had a bricked gen1a. gen2 on the other hand…

With regards the ntag 216 have you used either DT or NXP app to set lock prevention? NXP’s lock prevention will allow you to use the format function on Tagwriter, whereas the DT app doesn’t (you have to do a full overwrite which i find annoying as hell).

That’s my two pence on the matter.


Data sheets can be your (boring but safe friend thats always your sober driver and jimminy cricket :cricket: on your shoulder)




Also, heres some more great info on the T5577


Wow, some great replies. I am working through the links you gave me and building up my knowledge base. Thank you all.

No I haven’t and if you’re referring to the same thing Amal was in the thread Looking to buy xNT - I see the beta app doesn’t work my reply was:

My NTAG216 shows 55 48 00 00 = unprotected. What is BCC1 that mine shows 55? For clarity this is not an old xNT but a non-DT, NTAG216.

Is that (Line 2) the data I should be changing?

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Test it on a blank 216 card first. In theory if you change page 2 from 55 48 00 00 to 55 48 07 00 then that should keep the format ability. Im not much of a coder either and i confess i used the tagwriter lock prevention feature. However this is only if you wish to use the format functions of apps such as tagwriter. i’m a massive android user due to my own personal needs so i dont use or carry a proxmark. I haven’t tested on nfc tools (I only use it for writing ndef records or tasks on the fly). There’s no reason why you cant use the dt app on a non dt chip as long as it is the signature is an nxp manufactured chip (but i see lookinbg at the other post youve linked that its a compatibility issue between phone model and app) i last used the dt app on a pixel 3a but see i cant download it on the pixel 6. Limited to what i can test and advise at the moment as Im in between somewhere and nowhere for the next couple of months. I only have a couple of mifare classic cuid (gen2) at the moment.

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