Led orientation

Just playing with the field detector. Wondering if there is a reason or possiblity for future xLEDs go be oriented facing outward inside the tube?

That’s pretty good distance!

I think the xSIID will be like that, at least that’s what Dsruptive wanted when they conceptualized it.

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yeah that’s true, it will face outward from the side of the tube… but the one issue i have with that is that there is no guarantee that the LED will remain facing upward out the skin… the tube can and will rotate, and the LED may face exactly the opposite direction of the skin… it’s not a great design in my opinion, but it is the design of the SIID modules we’re working with… so that’s what it will be.


Yeah, that will be a problem. If only there was like a magnet trick you could do to flip it to the correct orientation. The domains in the ferrite core aren’t aligned, though, so there’s really no way to do that.

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