Let your Implant Talk πŸ€–

Here a funny example to let your Implant talks with Shortcuts :upside_down_face:

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no matter what browser I use I get this error.

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I just ended up downloading it to view it.

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Ok . I try to upload again in a other format. :grimacing:

Downloading it did indeed work.

How did you get it to talk? the accessibility app or something?

I hope you don’t mind, I went ahead and used ffmpeg to reencode it for you with a more common codec, should work much better on the forum. My computer didn’t want to play the other file at all. If you’d like, you should be able to save this one and add it to your main post, with the fixed codec.


Post the sourtcuts list :joy:

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In Apple Shortcuts App.

Open the Shortcuts App, on Automation tap the + on the right Top, Tap Create a Private Automation. on new Automation scroll down to NFC, tap scann NFC and give a Name, and tap right on the top next, search to : speak Text , tap it . Tap to blue Text sign on the left and write your Text than tap on the blue little circle To open the settings for speak Tempo , Highness and voices set and tap the play button on the right bottom for Preview. Tap the notification off . Done
Sorry for my Horrible Englisch.


Nice Thanks .

Your English is perfectly understandable, don’t worry.

I have my shortcut enabling Battery Saving mode.

I have one shortcut set to check whether the small bedroom ceiling light is on, turn it off if it’s on, otherwise turn it on