Level Lock Touch Setup

So I picked up a new front door lock. It’s the Level Touch. https://level.co/ I was hoping I’d be able to use one of my implants as a keycard for it since it has an nfc reader in the exterior of the lock. To provision new keycards you present them to your nfc enabled smartphone in the app. The picture below is a scan from a brand new card that hasn’t been setup. Being iso15693 I was hoping to use my original spark 1 but it won’t let me add it as a keycard, add to that I can’t seem to get it to scan from the lock (probably because the reader is being battery powered so it’s only sending a large pulse when it senses a large change in the field, like that of a card).

I’m open to ideas for how to get this going if you need any more info from me let me know. The wife is out with the only authorized card at the moment but when she gets back I’ll scan that and see if it’s any different after being setup.

Just a quick thought, which will help prove if the Spark OG is capable of being enrolled .
You could grab a

I tried talking to their support team (they’re pretty bad). Level’s system is interesting. Your phone pairs with the lock via bluetooth and the app communicates back to Level’s servers. They seem to have their card’s IDs added on the backend so short of a conversion I think we’re f*cked.

Also, was this on the Compatibility Matrix? I don’t remember adding it, if so I may need to do an update…

I suppose I could confirm this use a proxmark to emulate my card, I think? Not super skilled in such things though.

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@Pilgrimsmaster I don’t believe it’s on the list, but I’d wait to add it until I’ve got it working. I went ahead and ordered the dev kit you linked to and also xSLX NFC Chip | RFID & NFC Chip Implants and Biohacking products in the hope that if I can’t get the spark to enroll maybe I could mess with one of these instead.

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Yeah cool as, if it was on the list I was going to follow the links to make sure the info was correct.

I’ll wait in hope that it works for you before adding it :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve got more info, but I’m not sure what to do with it. The LF rfid stuff I could at least wrap my head around it was all pretty simple and no encryption or obscure protocols (with a few exceptions). Anyway back on point I’ve got a bit of trace data from the card that was provisioned as I used it to lock and unlock the door a couple times.

Then I’ve also got this bit of info from that same authorized card.

Like I was saying I’m totally out of my league with figuring out what to do with this info so if anyone knows what I’m looking at here let me know.

I just tried the dev kit card. It threw an error. 99% Sure they add each of their card’s UIDs in the backend and then you can add those to your lock’s permissions. Kind of a shit product for a few reasons given the price point. Is there such a thing as a magic
Iso 15693 card or will the Apex be capable of emulating them?

I think there is a magic icode / iso15693 but features and compatibility are totally unknown

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So in theory it’d have to be a magic icode or potentially do a custom conversion. :frowning: For me it’s not important enough to justify the conversion. I’ve got other ways into the house. It’s a shame when companies lock you out of a system like that. I get it they want to sell their overpriced cards but damn…

Well it’s even worse. I also got a field detector… I had noticed it was really annoying to use the cards… Turns out its duty cycle is garbage. Factor in that that every week or so I have to adjust it to get the electronic locking to work and I’d say we have a $300 piece of trash. :rofl:

So we should NOT add it to the Compatibility spreadsheet then :+1:

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maybe we should add it to the “reviews” section ??

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Between @tac0s and @Ima_Wana_Be hopefully one of them can knock a review out

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I’ll do some more testing and take notes this time :rofl: