LF not reading on proxmark


I recently bought a Next implant and a Proxmark3. Software installation went smoothly but I cannot get my proxmark to scan using LF or HF, but I am aware that HF works because my phone can scan and write to HF using NFC tools. Worried that the RFID chip may be DOA. When using ‘lf tune’ in PM3, my LF chip does not cause a change in voltage. Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Update: Looks like it might be scanning as Indala

Would it be possible to send a video of this process?

Can you please also confirm it is installed…you mentiined “bought”, not specifically installed.

We get all manor of people coming to the forum seeking some diagnostic support, some even trying to read implants still in the needle.

The most common problem is not waiting long enough after their install, as inflamation is the “problem” 95% of the time, thats why we normally reccomend 2 weeks before we try any fault finding.
that said
Indala is almost always the result the proxmark3 throws up when there is poor coupling between the proxmark and the implant being read. (This is often due to the inflammation as mentioned, or just not quite the right alignment of the proxmark3 antenna.)

if you can answer Amals question above and mine , we can then more accurately target your specific issue to give you a solution


Yes, the chip has been installed since mid-November. I have just recently aquired the proxmark for testing. I have tried adjusting the position of the reader to get better coupling with very little success. I imagine the positioning could be off but it should be close enough to be recognized. I will try to send a video tonight that shows the results of the ‘lf tune’ function.

Ok thanks. You’re aware the LF coil of the proxmark3 must cross the NExT perpendicularly, directly over the chip?

Yes, I was able to find a video on the forums that showed that the chip should be perpendicular over the copper coil of the PM3


I was able to get it working. Finding the correct positioning to scan and write took a while but I have gotten it working and have confirmation that my chips are functioning. Thank you all for your help!



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