LF Side of two chips not working (xMagic and NExT)

I got one xMagic implanted in my left hand and one NExT chip implanted in my right hand. I am able to read the HF side of the xMagic and the NFC side of the NExT chip but the LF side of both doesn’t seem to pick up at all.
Using LF tune on a Icopy-XS in proxmark mode doens’t pick up any frequency drops at all and my Flipper0 also cant read or write to either.
I’m not sure what to do and I’m getting kinda worried that I’ve gotten two duds implanted into my hands.
Edit: I got them done two weeks ago exactly

Chances of that are pretty slim. Chances of it being new to LF scanning is much higher.

Post a video of self trying to read with your iCopy or a flipper?

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This is LF tune

This is LF search

Let me know if you need anything different or if I’m doing something wrong. Sorry for the bad quality footage. Thanks for the help.

This looks correct, but unfortunately it’s possible to light the keychain when still in a position that’s difficult to get a good read with on an x-series.

To help better position things, I suggest using the delay command.

That lets you issue the command by hitting enter on the keyboard, then spend a few seconds positioning the reader before the command executes. I really think it’s probably just a placement issue.

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Give it AT LEAST another couple of weeks.

I know, I know, I can hear you shouting it over the interwebs…
:speaking_head: “but pilgrim, you idiot, my HF side is working, so why the fuck is my LF side not???”

Trust me when I tell you, your experience is not uncommon, I could dig out a number of examples on this forum of people in the same situation.

You can’t see the inflamation, but its there

Give it 2 more weeks and try again


I know you’re right I just cant wait!
I’ll post again in a month I guess if I’m still having issues.
Thanks your your comment.

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Thank you! I’ll give it a try.




It took me three weeks to start getting a read with my xEM and only a few days for my xSIID. I assume HF stuff has an easier time getting through the skin than LF stuff. I could be wrong but I doubt that two seperate T5577s broke and were both implanted in you unless someone was deliberately trying to kill them before implantation. Not impossible that they’re both dead but I’ve dealt with a lot of DT implants(NExT mainly) and have never seen a problem with any of them. Failure rate with the NExT specifically seems to be pretty low in my experience.

I just got an NeXT in my left and an xMagic in my right


looks like sombody is hankering for a

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