Lidocaine law / PMK kit sold by DT

Hey guys…

TLDR : Xylocaine can you ship that to Idaho? What is the general rule you use when shipping in the USA?

So i’ve been reading for the past 2 days about implants and ive been eyeing the flexNT due to the tear protection and enhanced range. With needing to make an 11mm gash in your finger to slip that implant in I can sense pain in my future. Now I did notice DT sells a PMK kit with Xylocaine 2%, being on the reserves side I went hunting for 1% and holy crap is that hard to find… Everything needs a prescription looking up the wiki on Xylocaine its non rx up to 5% yet you have people who cant buy it. To the extent people trying to create it out of OTC chemicals, talk about sketchy Am I missing something here?


Lidocaine is not on the DEA’s list of scheduled drugs, therefore it is not a controlled substance. We’ve had lawyers tell us straight to our faces that it is a scheduled drug, when it is obviously not. Most of society operates on assumption, not actual facts, and most assume lidocaine is a “controlled substance” when it is not. That’s all we have to say on the matter.

Fair enough thanks for your insight Amal :slight_smile:

Wrote a little FAQ on the subject… figured I’d update this thread.