Life with XG31v1 (sensing) unexpected pros and cons

Hi all

I think I have decided on the XG3v1 as my implant. I am much more interested in the sensing capability than the lifting. 7 paperclips should be good enough for me :slightly_smiling_face:

I have some questions for folks with the XG3:

I have been poking on my hand with a nail and both my ring fingertip and the webbing between my thumb and forefinger seem equally sensitive. My goal is to have a very sensitive and very discreet implant, so I am going to pay attention t hands and fingers for the next few days and see what would be less noticeable to others.

if you have it in your fingertip, is it noticeable? Has anyone asked you if your finger looks weird or swollen? I have seen a lot of pics but those don’t tell the whole story always. Discretion is important to me.

I have read a lot about the cool affects - some lifting, feeling microwave ovens and store security systems. That’s all hot and desired. What are some unexpected times when you have noticed magnetic fields?

More importantly, have there been times when it has been a problem or a hassle? My car has a sensor on the door handle, so it unlocks if the key is in my pocket. Does the XG3 interfere with that? Any problems at airport security?

Super excited and am 99% certain I will have this done. I’d like to know more of the good AND the bad of having this in my body.


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i have the xG3 V1 in my tragus.
i have an other magnet in my finger - you can see a little bump - no one did notice it. this magnet is also perfect or sensing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

the TITAN will be perfect for sensing. I will get it implanted in november.

Thanks, Jenny. I saw some of your other posts, and they were very informative

Shameless plug time!

No, tried and tested :wink:

I have mine there and it’s decent at sensing but if that’s what you’re after a finger implant like the Titan is by far better (and more discrete in most cases, my xg3 is quite visible in that position but it depends on your skin and installation etc…).

With “safe” implants like the xG3 and Titan the conventional “ring finger is the most disposable” is not that important anymore, if you can consider other finger it’s definitely an option. I have two finger ones in the forefinger and middle finger as they are the most intuitive for touching (sensing is a lot like touching).

Cutting and machining metal (iron), the shavings stick to it and as discussed further somewhere in the forum it’s not a good thing so you need to clean it well asap or wear gloves
Also no MRIs without requesting a special protection (they do have those for medical implants) and you SHOULD carry a card that says so in your wallet.

Cut a toothpick to the right dimension (15mm) and glue it to the spot for a day, this will tell you all you need to know :wink: (even though the actual implant will protrude much less)

Much more to read in my book hehe


Thanks! I didnt think about gluing a toothpick on. Great idea.

I’ll do the same with something for the Titan size, maybe a little slimmer as you say it wont protrude as much. The diameter of the Titan is what gave me pause. I’ll consider it some more.

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I won’t lie to you a scalpel implant in the finger can be scary the first time. But if done by a professional (I very strongly recommend it) it’s a matter of minutes and not that much worse than a big fat needle in the same area.
That said take into consideration that it can take 1-2 weeks to recover and be fully usable. This means no water and no pressure on it. As opposed to an injection in the webbing that is generally good to go in a day. Fingertips are sensitive (that’s the whole point :wink: ).

Yeah, I’m scared of the scalpel. I don’t want to pass out, lol. If I was in the right situation, then I might be able to handle it. I’ll definitely be going to a professional piercer or medical professional.

The needle insertion for the xg3 is also scary, but less so because it’s just one event. Professional inserts needle, inserts the implant, and done.

What’s the normal recovery time for a needle insertion in a fingertip? Also a few weeks?

Frankly, it’s all a bit scary to think about the process and the pain, but the end result is so compelling. I didn’t know I needed this but I do.

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Probably somewhere in between the two but I haven’t done it so I can’t tell for sure. The needle is a bit more gentle to the tissues since it does one clean slice rather than using a lifting tool to detach the skin but it’s still the fingertip…

About the pain, with proper local anesthesia, a small injection on each side of the finger at the base you don’t feel a thing. But not every piercer can do that and it depends on your local laws. I can’t tell you much about numbing gels etc… I haven’t tried them.
As for the pain in the following days, for me it was always very manageable and goes away in a day or two no matter the implant type but I guess that’s a very subjective thing. How careful you are is also important.

I have one golden rule: keep your hand elevated above the heart (as high as possible really) for the first 1-2 days, even when sleeping (resting it on a pillow for example). I can not emphasize enough how much it helps with the inflammation and the pain.

Taping on a toothpick to approximate what it might be like was a great idea. Other newbies, take note!


I got my xg1v1 in the mail last week and have started to look for an installer in the Twin Cities.

I assume the answer for this question but don’t like to make assumptions. Can someone please confirm that V1 does not cause problems when 1) passing through US and 2) passing through EU airport security?


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While it is irrelevant to your question you might want to check out this thread.
Flex install in the Twin Cities (Minnesota, USA)?

That was talking about a flex install but I suspect you will find the same issues with a magnet.

Ramsey county no longer even licenses tattoo parlours and leaves that up to the state so you might have more luck over there.

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Thanks, @Pilgrimsmaster . Much, much appreciated.

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I came up with a thought, but I don’t think I’ll be the only one, someone with XG3 or Titan on my wrist ?? could it hold an Apple watch in place without the band?