Lifespan of the NeXT and vivokey spark

Hey lads Ive had my next and spark in for a few weeks now and there healing up nicely. I was just wondering what the lifespan is for them. I’m guessing around a year but I’m really hoping it’s closer to 10+. Let me know If ya know

It’s a complex question but short answer is Spark 2 is 50 years and NExT is around 10 years if you never ever touched it again after programming.

The longer answer has to do with data retention. And right cycle counts. I would look closer at the product pages because it’s explained somewhat well there under the important information you need to know section at the bottom.


Lifespan can be different things. The material itself will live longer than you. The chips will probably live longer than you aswell, at least the HF side of the NExT should work just as fine in 80 years if I understand correctly. The data retention is different, like amal described. If you write a rickroll to it in 50 years it will be there another 10 years or more.

Now that I think of it Sparks might actually die in out lifetime because the data on it cant be rewritten, if 2 keys are damaged a spark is dead. 50+ years still

I suppose it’s like any memory: in that scenario, if you do a refresh write every once in a blue moon before the data starts corrupting, it can keep going forever.

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Here you go

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