Lifestyle bundle

Good evening everyone (23:12 in Switzerland ).

This is my first post here. I am doing this post because I have been interested in biohacking for several weeks and now I want to take the step to become a cyborg too.

To get started I decided to take the lifestyle bundle with an xLed chip. Now come the question, I just saw that the lifestyle bundle will be sent only from March 12th because some components are no longer available while if I buy the components individually they are all available on the site is it a bug or is it normal?

I’m so impatient that I don’t even know if I could wait two weeks for my chips to be implanted.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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No answer to your actual question, sorry. Do you know already who will be installing it? Do you have an appointment scheduled someplace?

yes I already know who will implant them and no I wait to receive the implants before making an appointment.

It’s a bug. I will fix. We are out of NExT.