Lifting magnet? Is the xG3 v2 the strongest on the market?

So I know the current word on Magnets is “no” but (I thought its worth asking since I cant find any other info online) I want to get specifically lifting magnet but I am hoping for something stronger than the xG3 v2. The plan is to implant it in my forearm and use it kinda like a “third hand”… I was wondering if there is something stronger like the titan that is still bio-safe either in the works (next few years) or already out through a different company (I’m from Canada so north america would be great)?

TLDR is the xG3 V2 the best lifting magnet out there currently?

P.S. Sorry if this post is irrelevant or is just another link to the DT video on magnets, feel free to delete it if that is the case.

The xg3 v2 is the strongest magnet currently sold by DT

Mine are close to the skin and the heavyer stuff it can lift are lighters or USB sticks

But its not really firmly attached and can fall of easy