Lifting weights and working out

Hello everyone, newbie here.

Im planning on getting a blinky between my thumb and index finger. Do you guys have experience on how the implant behaves during bench pressing or using curls?

As the skin between thumb and index finger is affected a lot by these tasks, i imagine that the implant will take notice. As i read the durability test report, im less concerened of the implant breaking, rather then it being pushed against the skin in an uncomfortable manner.
If any gym-borgs could share their experience so far, i would highly appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Hi there and welcome!

I have a glass (xDF2) implant in that exact spot on my left hand. I’m not a real gym-borg anymore but I used to work out quite a bit and never had issues. Nowadays I do a lot of bouldering(climbing) and never even thought of the chip being there :slight_smile:
But see what the rest says, I don’t know if other people do have issues there.
If you get one give it plenty of time to heal to prevent it from going weird places :wink:


Absolutely no problems at all, I have one in each “webbing”

I don’t lift heavy anymore, but they just get pushed out of the way within their encapsulation.

You won’t even know they are there.


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I dont know about lifting weights, but i ride downhill mtb. hard impacts and deathgrip holding onto the handlebar was never a problem.


Mine pokes out a bit when I grab bars.
But it’s because I have unusually thick flash above the pollicis muscles.
No pain - no bruise - no nothing.

Except that one time...

Only one time I felt I had implant there after install. I was driving for 3 hours, only resting my hand at the traffic lamps. Time to mention that my whole body hurts after 3 hours on motorbike, and my implant was my least concern.


Thank you everyone for the feedback, much appreciated! :slight_smile: That definately helps me out making an informed descision :+1:

As a mountainbiker myself, i havent even considered this. Good to know, thank you!

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Hey Arx, just a suggestion, when I went to get my first implant done, the guy who did it in Dallas had a lot of experience with doing these implants by DT. He recommended to me that I get it implanted L0, but in L3, the area between the metacarpals of your ring and pinky finger of your left hand. It’s a little easier to use with things like door readers and other devices that rest on a table, and I feel like it’s pretty safely guarded against things going on in the front of your hand.

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Hi 4nti,

thanks for the input. Im sure this would bring the effect of the LED even more forward and as you said, would ease access to readers.

However, i read that the implantation of x-series chips in the webbing is highly recommended by DT as there is much more soft tissue there to absorb external forces that otherwise would be applied on the chip. Please correct me if im wrong but i think that for piercers that have not done this procedure too often, its a less difficult location to put the chip.

Do you have experience with an implant in that location yourself? Im mean if you also got your chip at that location in the end. I’d be happy for any feedback :slight_smile:

Yes, it is where I have my single implant.

I cannot speak towards the difficulty of implanting it in that location. The person that did mine has a lot of experience with body mods, but that’s all I really know about how my implant process went in particular. What you said about absorbing external forcing might be totally correct in comparison, but I couldn’t say either.


That looks great! Thank you for sharing! I’ll keep it in mind and do a bit more research on possible spots. In the end, ill have to consult the piercer if hes fine with it as well. Also nice payload on your chip :smiley:

Derail avoidance

Fantastic choice of video to have written to it lmao, first one I’ve seen on here in a while that’s actually made me laugh.


Does the video open itself on (was it) Android?
My phone pops up a message, and I have to tap accept when I scan a tag.

Yeah, it does that in android.

The very first time you scan a tag with an NDEF URL, it’ll ask you what to open it in (which browser, youtube app if applicable, etc). Once a default is set, it just opens the link/video. Very convenient for showing things.