Where did you or do you plan to put your implant?

I am a right handed person. Am i richt to assume or decide to put the incision on my left or “non-dominant” hand in order to lessen the probability of trauma to the implant or theres a good ergonomic reason to put it in the dominant hand or it doent really matter?

Depends what your going to use them for,

And where readers that you are likely to interact with are located

Main door I access has the reader to the left of the door and pulls open with your right hand, so I went with left

Another door is more awkward, reader on the right and pushes in with right

Hey bro, we gpt several apartment units usong the same lock model. Im planning to register the chip to all of them like 1 chip rule them all hehe anyway, the orientation of each lock depend on the patio orientation of the door so its either left or right. Im just concerned about my gym routines as well :grin:

Left vs right doesn’t make much difference for protection

Left does have the advantage of being able throw some snark at “mark of the beast” people, because the Bible specifically refers to right hand as it’s location…

Non dominant is preferable if you are going to be interacting with it via cellphone, let’s you use your dominant hand with the cell phone

I’m assuming landlord or something,
Make sure you know it’s going to work,
Is it LF or HF, If HF you will have to enroll in the system or every lock depending on how it’s integrated since you can’t clone HF

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I’m right handed, I have implants in both hands. It never bothered me for anything, including sport or weightlifting. It’s indeed just a matter of convenience regarding the position of the readers.

I’m waiting for my Walletmor and will have it put inside the right hand as most readers here have the contactless antenna on the left side.

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Now that youve mentioned that, im more inclined to putting it on my right hand just to piss these people off :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I find it pisses them off more when you tell them that they need to read their Bible better


Indeed! I for one, currently living in PH, which is a Christian nation; believe that only if they tried to understand, meditate on the scriptures, study how the bible was made, edited by history instead of leaving it up to the preacher alone will they find true enlightenment then faith will follow. But its hard to argue with those who chose to not see or grew up without seeing. We can only educate, lets just hope everyone will see :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You’ll definitely want to give it some time to recover before you go gripping one, or multiple hundreds of pounds, since that’ll make it take longer to heal, and might also cause it to migrate, or rotate, from the pressure. Idk how long it takes for the body to create a sheath of tissue around it, and secure it in place, but I’d imagine it’s at least a month, even with the baby vitamins.

Probably want to do lighter weights for a while after, if you lift heavy.


I should have linked these in my original comment.

This post, specifically in the “how do I get it implanted >> after care” section, says “no weight lifting”, so that’s definitely best advice.

And this post talks about it too, regarding them being pushed around inside their encapsulation (so, after they’ve healed). And also mentions about implant migration.

Hope that helps.

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Oh yeah now that youve mentioned it havent thought about that. Thanks for the advice :sunglasses:

Any time. Happy to help. :slight_smile: