Light yellow bruising around 1.5 year old xNT implant


I got an xNT implant in my right hand at DEFCON 27, and an xEM implant in my left. I had absolutely no issues during healing, and haven’t had any issues up to this point. For the last few days, however, some light yellow bruising has developed on my right hand. I feel some extremely slight grip weakness (it could just be placebo) compared to my left.

I’m guessing I just banged the implant in my right hand on something a few days ago, or it could be because I’ve been doing lots of writing lately. However, I’m wondering if this can ever be caused by the implant shifting slightly or being some place it shouldn’t. Of note is the fact that the implant in my right hand is further back (towards my arm) than the implant in my left. I’ll probably get this checked out by a doctor, but would like to hear if anyone else has seen something like this.

I’m inclined to think you maybe hit it and burst some blood vessel or something? The fact the bruise is yellow means it’s in the last stages of healing. Or yeah, it could have migrated? After ~1.5 years though, I’d think you’d most likely have felt it break the encapsulation and move… it’s not a nice feeling :sweat_smile:

I’m no doctor though, this is just my 2c


Thanks! Yeah I’m thinking if it finishes healing soon it’s no big deal. My main concern would be if it stays yellow like this and doesn’t ever fully heal, like if the implant migrated and was causing bruising through just regular tasks and hand movements.

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If you don’t mind me asking. Could you describe how it feels to have the encapsulation break? I would imagine it is painful or at least extremely uncomfortable.

Not ithirin, but I had one of mine suddenly break through it’s encapsulation after about 4-5 months. For me, it was a deep burning sensation, fairly unique. I think that’s from the blunt end of the implant forcibly separating the layers in that area. I felt the same feeling when I was attempting to manually move my spark 2 after installation.

It is indeed very unpleasant, and due to the implant being more loose, I had pains on and off as it resettled. Thankfully within a week or so it was back to normal feelings-wise, and it seems to be all good again.

Ninja edit: forgot to mention, in my case, I could feel it happen as well. It happened while prodding it with another finger (showing someone), and there was a sort of give and a pop. Felt very gross.

This is of course only representative of my experiences.


I found encapsulation breaking is a sharp pain followed by a sort of burning sensation.

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