Limited run of the xM1 gen2 is available now!

We found ourselves with a limited batch of gen2 xM1 magic mifare chip implants. Available while supplies last, the xM1 gen2 allows you to have a magic mifare 1k emulator implant you can program with your Android phone and the MCT app.


You sneaky little fucker :wink: , How long have you been holding onto these?

If I didn’t have my FlexM1gen2, I would 100% be getting one of those.

The convenience of the gen2 with MCT is AWESOME.


I was planning on getting the FlexM1 eventually, but just out of curiosity, How is the read range on hotel readers (like Hilton or Marriott) with the xM1? The Magic ring v1 didn’t get a read on most of those readers because of the antenna layout. I would assume the xM1 would have a similar issue since it is a cylindrical antenna, right?

Yeah hotel readers are battery powered and very low field strength. Changes are not good with the xM1.


Good to know, thanks. I will hold out until I can get the FlexM1. The Magic Ring v2 should help scratch my “wearable hotel key” itch in the meantime :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Has anybody nabbed themselves one of these xM1 gen2s yet?

As someone who expressed interest in this previously, i thought I’d chime in. For the cost of ordering to uk, i ended up getting the xmagic from ksec instead. I’ve been using gen 2 cards for my apartment and it keeps locking the access conditions so i decided to get a gen2 fob instead.