Linking my RFID implant to a time clock

Hello, All!

I am currently running through the paces of working with various time clock companies to see who might integrate my RFID implant with their system so that I might “clock in” at work everyday.

Thus far, I have made the most progress with Inception Technologies. However, what they are requesting of me is that I produce for them the base code, or chip’s “unique identifier” so that they can manually input the chip information into their system.

QUESTION: What might be the best way to acquire that code? Is there a recommended RFID reader system (for a 13.56 MHz, xNT, NFC Type 2 tag) that will allow me to provide them with what they are requesting?


Hey there,

You can read the UID (unique ID) from the xNT using an Android phone with NFC capability and the app TagInfo from NXP. It will give you the UID as a hexadecimal value.

Thank you, Mr. Amal!

I will give this a shot and update the forum on how my continuing interactions with the time clock company might develop. Cheers!

Awesome! We love updates :slight_smile:

Hey I know this is on old thread but I just started.

I too am looking for a similar application of the implant. I work for clients and am paid for billable hours and start my work log using an RFID token. Recently a cheap client tried to use the excuse “How do I know it was you that signed on with the token?”. I lost a large amount of money because I couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it was me who signed on to do the work and not someone else I had given my card too. So this is why I want to put a chip in my hand. Nobody is borrowing that right?

Have you had any luck with Inception Technologies? I am looking at their website but it is very vague and corporate. Usually when I email these kinds of companies and state that I am an individual they either don’t reply or give me a smug useless answer like “Yes we have that.”

If they were helpful? What hardware do they recommend is the reader? Is it made by a partner company? Also what software did Inception Technologies recommend to interface a PC with the reader?


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Dude… what kind of work do you do where clients can not only treat you like a criminal (“reasonable doubt” is for criminal cases)… and who can also turn around and not pay you. Sounds like you need better clients… and maybe a lawyer.

The problem with the implant scheme to prove location / attendance is that - if they are already claiming you are giving your card to someone else, which is an obvious dodge to get out of paying you, then wouldn’t they also just claim you cloned your ID to some other card for someone to use? I mean, there is no end to this line of thought when the primary goal is to fuck you out of money… they could claim you were possessed by a demon and the demon did the work, not you, so therefor no pay for you… i mean come on, verification is not the issue here… they are just pulling a Donald Trump on you and not paying you. Period. They’ll use any excuse. Lawyer up.

Also, I hate when people don’t answer forum questions, but instead rant on about other aspects… so I will answer your question… just heed what I’ve said above please. To answer your question, I need more info. Are you thinking of installing some sort of reader at each client’s facility? Or are you wanting to have your implant work with readers and systems already installed at each client’s facility?

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