Locations of payment implant in hand?

I’m struggling to see what the best location for the payment implant is. The webbing between thumb and finger seems popular but that’s a part that moves for gripping stuff. if it were in that webbing i’d want it on the palm side so it’s easy to place on a scanner - i could then have the xLED in the webbing on the back of my hand side?

however, I’d rather on the outside of my hand below my pinky tbh. the reason for this is that I’m not sure how easy it will be to place the back of my hand on a scanner in a shop tbh

i’d imagine this is a common problem with people using NFC implants for doors as well as payment implants so i’m wondering from your combined experience where do you guys have your implants which make it easy to present them to a scanner?

Palm side is a no-go…
Give this a read for locations that are recommended in general.


Brilliant. When you search location of implant there’s loads threads, if this is the best then that’s what I’m needing :+1:t2:


Understandable. I haven’t read through all the other threads but this will give you an idea of what is considered ideal. After that if you have questions regarding install location of a specific type of chip then try searching for the chip name and install or post back here.

If your payment chip is a flex chip then avoid the blade if you do not want to risk degradation or failure but a lot of people are aiming around L3/R3 or L4/R4.

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Surely in position 3 or 4 you’d need to present the back of your hand to the scanner? I’m worried that’s not a particularly easy thing to do.

that’s exactly where mine was, it was super convenient.

Just try it yourself the next time you are in a shop

You mean yours was in position 3 or 4?

where was yours? position 4?

I’m calling it #4.5

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yeah 4.5 looks about right tbh and that looks like an ok spot to get it.

doesn’t look particularly pleasant but i’ve had awake heart surgery without pain meds and that wasn’t super fun either. guess i’ll just have to suck it up. it’s only 5 minutes after all.

I wouldn’t reccomend it.
my #4.5 sat too high.
It was great to get a read /make a payment, but it would get caught on pockets and tight spaces etc.

Go #3 or #4

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Ah I didn’t get that from the previous post, must have missed it. Good advice as always and again much appreciated :+1:t2:

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I have it in #4, it’s very convenient and little risk of hurting it


excellent, thanks.