Lock Bits on the NExT's T5577

Hello hackers!

I was reviewing the specsheet for the NExT’s T5577 and it shows that the lock bits (stored at bit 0 of each block) are fully intact and functional. There is also no mention of T5577 lock protection on the NExT product page like there is for the NTAG216.

So my question is, are the lock bits actually functional on the T5577 chip inside an NExT?

And a follow-up question, what is the mechanism for disabling the lock bits for the NTAG216? Is it a modified chip or is it a password protection on the lock bit pages? Just a curiosity, as I saw the lock bits were fully functional in the NTAG specsheet too.

The T5577 is factory so lock bits are there but not modified. The ntag216 lock bits are disabled by their own power. Within the lock bits’ bitmap include the memory page that includes the lock bits themselves, so we simply lock the lock bits themselves so no further locking can be performed.

Okay! Thank you so much!

I will just have to be careful and not lock my T5577 :sweat_smile:. But it should be fine as it’s pretty hard to accidentally set those with a Proxmark.

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