Lock compatability?

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I’m trying to find a new lock for my front door.
I’ve been looking at a lock from a company called Wattle - but I’m wondering if I can (or if there is a way to find out, if its even possible) to add my vivokey spark 2,or NeXT implant, to the rfid lock. (or possibly even clone one of the key cards that come with the lock).

What do I look for, to see if it’s even possible? The info they have on their site is very vague.

Here is a link to the lock itself.

What country are you in? Locks vary wildly depending on where you live (mechanically that is).

Have you looked at the compatibility matrix? There’s a bunch of locks in it.

The risk if you’re considering a lock that no other implantee has tried before is that it doesn’t have enough oomph to read your implant. If it works, great. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to return it. Either way, you can inform the house robot so he can add your findings to the matrix :slight_smile:

I’m in Denmark.

I’ve checked the matrix - but I can’t get my hands on any of the compatible locks.



I don’t know which kind of locks are possible in denmark.

Have you checked WILKA ? I must also say , you need to order it vie “Digiwell” then yo ucan get the RFID only lock. the RFID and Bluetooth lock, won’t work with the implants in the glasscaspsule. I got first the wrong lock by accident, and i was thinking, I’m to stupid to add the xNT or xSIID… I can add the flexNT and flexDF,… but the others,…
We changed the lock to RFID only and I tried it with several of my implants.



I got this electric lock for ~15 USD.
Works great (with DT access cercuit).

Why pay 400 Euro?
It’s crazy