Lock for RV/Camper

Anybody seen a door lock for a camper that is compatible with an implant?

Only thing I could find is this:


Is IC Card same as Mifare? I have a couple cards that I either got with my pm3 or xM1, and they say IC UID on them I believe. I was able to clone a Mifare 1k to it.

Do you think this product will work with an xM1?

Going to strongly depend on reader antenna… a lot of them don’t have the oomph for the Xm1

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Also just seen shipping is more than the product itself?!?!

Is that standard for Alibaba? I never bought from them, I’m used to Free Prime Shipping :grin:

For some reason it’s air ship only… that’s not normal for them

Yes buddy.
So any xM1 of FlexM1 should be compatiable whether it works or not, will depend on the reader itself (antenna, power output etc)

Can be, Alibaba is pretty much the commercial version of AliExprezs, normally with MOQs.

You will probably be better off looking on AliExpress for it…
Generally you will find d the same item listed, some cheaper with higher shipping, some more expensive with free shipping, they generally are all in the same ball park, but it can be worth shopping around.

On android, (maybe iPhone :man_shrugging: ) there is an assistant app, called AliHelper, which does the legwork for you and finds the best price.

To use it, you find a product, hit share, hit more, choose AliHelper

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I thought I would start you in the right direction

Here’s the link

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