Lock Tec Slush Fund?

I’ve seen a number of locks get tested for compatability by forum members, and somewhere we keep a info sheet on what works and doesn’t. (If that doesn’t summon the resident AI, nothing will.) What strikes me is that just a few members bear the financial burden of test lock purchases while everyone benefits from the knowledge that they bring us.

I’m not likely to purchase a range of locks and test them. But I do like having the information, and wouldn’t mind financially contributing some. (As my somewhat random cash flow situation permits.)

What if we created a pool of money, available to select forum members to act as testers, to offset the purchase of the locks?

My thoughts on this:
1.) Contributing the funds without paypal or venmo or whoever getting a big chunk of it.
2.) Where do the funds go, and who has access to them. I don’t know if Amal would want to comingle such monies with his business. Might be better to have a forum member take point?
3.) I’d say we probably need to restrict the people doing the testing to those who have already shown a strong desire and capability to do so. Basically those who are already testing without financial backing.
4.) Suggested contribution in the 20-50 USD range? Depends on how many help. And I suppose when the fund runs low-ish, a notice could be posted so people who wanted could refill some?
5.) Any tester receiving funding would have to provide a thorough report on as many scenarios as possible. Maybe some kind of test template / form? Standard questions, to make the results more apple to apple comparisons?

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Yeah it’s proven to be somewhat difficult to keep track of and appropriately categorize that kind of cash for the business.

I do like the idea though… just not sure how to administrate it. Money transfer is always going to be expensive, unless you’re dealing with certain types of crypto… but then the tax situation gets crazy to whoever is administrating the pot.


Here’s a simpler idea:

  • Someone suggests that a product be tested with implants - or someone asks about that product’s compatibility with implants.
  • After a few months of people suggesting or asking about different products, set up a poll asking which product DT should test (because who better than DT can test a lock with all kinds of implants…)
  • When a product is chosen, crowdfund a test for that product.
  • Any spillover money from that crowdfund goes into Amal’s pocket for his trouble, if he makes a video or a written review or something, or goes into buying the next most requested product in the poll, or both.

Could work

Works. But, are you gonna have the time to do it? You could farm out some of it to reliable testers. Just thinking out loud now.

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With the crowfunding money, Amal could also fly select testers on DT’s private jet to DT’s secret lair in the Caribbean for a week of testing, all expenses paid. You know, for when he doesn’t have the time…


Yeah I think time won’t be an issue after I get my new lab and office set up (dt club for details). Right now it’s a pain to do anything in the cramped space I have now.

I support this idea, whichever direction it goes


Oh, this thread made me go digging… found another Chinese price point 14443a padlock, might give it a shot lol :joy:


May i ask which?

Sorry lots of fires to put out lately… it’s playing hell with my Adhd… the bees are stirred up and restless


I held off at the last second before buying it, because it’s 25$ shipping for a 25$ lock… which is on principle annoying

I’ll still likely buy one but I have to be grumpy for a period of time first about the shipping…

And yea I know I have it easier than most etc… doesn’t mean I can’t still be a shipping grump