Locked out of nfc chip

Oh Good, because I am as confused as fuck!

This is what I get after hf search

Me too man!

Is this an implant?
Or a card you are trying to identify?

You’ve got a version mismatch with your Proxmark software and firmware. You try to run a hf search, but instead it misinterpreted the command and fell back into LF standalone mode, then didnt respond to software because well… it was in standalone mode.

Reinstall your proxmark software with the latest Iceman fork, and make sure to flash your proxmark after you’ve compiled the software.


It is an implant

I switched to master and this is what I’m getting so far

Alright, now it at least looks like it’s trying to do the things you’re telling it to do.

Next step is to figure out what you’re telling it to do because you’ve confused poor @Pilgrimsmaster - The two screenshots are for Legic decodes and Mifare Classic hardnested attacks, not sure what you’re trying to achieve here as those are both for different card types.

What implant are you working with and what are you trying to do?


Mifare and I’m trying to decrypt it so I believe it’s decrypting cause it doesn’t pop up when I scan the area

The easiest way will be to get the implant in the right position and run the hf mf autopwn command, It’ll try various attacks and give you a file with the keys and data.

Hardest part is staying in the right place for long enough!

Tried autopwn gave me this

in short, your client doesn’t understand the autopwn command… it is not included in your client software.

to ensure you are absolutely using both the latest firmware features and the same client version, firmware version, and bootloader version, you need to learn how to compile and run from source code.

you are on windows, so you will definitely benefit from running a linux proxy. i use proxspace. the process for downloading and installing proxspace, and downloading and compiling the iceman firmware and client software are all laid out here;


Thank you so much man i was totally up shit creek without a code lol.
This is what i get when trying to flash

i can see from your screenshot that the make process appears to have failed.

this is why the flashing is not working, it was not compiled. what is the content of your Makefile.platform file?

I see will keep trying thank you kindly!

I keep getting the same message this is my notepad

And then I keep getting this

Maybe putting it into a mapped drive location (OneDrive) could cause issues? I dunno but I would scrap it all and start fresh with proxspace going into C:\proxspace

I finally effing did it!!! Flash everything and it’s working!!!


Awesome! Give Autopwn another shot!