Locks with NExT and Vivokey Spark2

Hello forum, I am trying to buy different types of locks and systems for my neXt chip and my vivokeyspark2 implant, I have read the compatibility matrix but I would still like to know your opinion, someone has already tried a compatible system to open their doors that I can find on EBAY or AMAZON? I am also looking for a compatible system to start my vehicle, if you can help me I would greatly appreciate it, regards

I’m pretty sure we can help you, but first some questions so we can help you more easily…

The best place to start is, What sort of doors do you have, and what lock do you currently have in place.
Photos if possible

For you car, do you just want to Start your car, or lock unlock also?

What sort of lock system do you have?
Immobiliser? Key fob? (how many buttons) PKE? Physical key?
Do you have a push to start already?

You have many options, but we just need some answers to narrow those down for you

Thank you very much for answering me, now to the question,

  1. For a door, it can be any lock even if it requires intervention on the door itself, I am open to possibilities, as long as I have the possibility to close and open it, everything will be fine,

1.1) I am also looking for a cabinet lock, one of those not so expensive, but that fulfill their function

  1. For the car, only a short current works for me, continue using the same key to open and start, what I need is that I can use the chip to authorize the ignition

Well, I mean, it’s your door, but there are a few different types of doors and different locks that could be suitable.
If oyu have a brand new door, you may have a few more options…

for both of your above questions

Well, there is a solution, but probably not the way you envisage, I am assuming you have an antenna coil at the ignition you are trying to bypass/authorise with your chip…

IF i am correct and that is what you are thinking of, then a combination of and xAC and an transponder bypass will probably achieve what you are trying to

[AliExpress Link]
(Russian Car Alarm Transponder Immobilizer Bypass Bp-02 Module For Chip Key Remote Engine Start & Stop Button & Pke - Burglar Alarm - AliExpress)

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