Lodestone PICO : Finger magnet fun for everyone

Possibly the final revision of the PLA shell. I blackened the area with the letters before sanding. It looks okay but it has bled a bit around them so I might not do that for future ones.

Anyway it has a name now :grin: and a logo because I like making those. It’s vaguely based on the alchemist symbol for lodestones.


Argh, completely missed that!

Yeah, Bob was an obvious option :wink:


I voted yes to one!

I also fancy myself an artist


There, that’s much cleaner. When I have them ready I’ll make a proper Lodestone + App Thread too.
You will find the latest 3D files in the repo as well as instructions.


Are any of the extra still available to buy? If so, can you dm me how much one cost and how to pay?

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Could you share the bom of the unit you made ? I want to make mine, but I want to be sure to have the same specs (especially the inductor) and ideally the exact same parts.

I just landed back home with the new parts I ordered. I will give you the links to the parts and whatever specs you need as soon I’m unpacked :wink: please bump me if I forget!

Also I brought some slightly larger inductors for testing. If they perform better I might switch to those so let me do a couple tests before I get back to you😉


I got a nice ~15-20% improvement in field strength with the new inductors so expect changes in the inductor specs and the 3D models. Sorry if anyone already printed one but we’re there :crossed_fingers:

Edit: an improvement in range I should say

@Formica I updated the parts and instructions but there is no 3D model for the case yet…


Hopefully the final 3D model is coming soon, I still need to assemble one. It is slightly bigger, to accommodate the new 0510 inductors :blush:

The print works fine! I’ve added the files to the repo and this is the first official pico :partying_face: who wants the gold and white style?

Flipper for scale

Here is the roadmap from here:

  • Test the heck out of the Pico
  • Measure it’s specs and performance
  • Publish an early release of the app with very limited features so you can plug and play immediately!
  • Produce a first batch
  • Get shipping information from everyone
  • Arrange shipping

I’ll go for a gold n white, looks slick!


How much time would you be willing to dedicate to a full evaluation of your implant’s sensitivity? It involves multiple tests, each composed of a series of stimulations followed by an A or B question.

  • 15 min
  • 30 min
  • 45 min
  • 1 hour
  • 2+ hours

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The gold and white looks nice, and I thought this was the only option. Are there other options? If so, what are they? (Though I’ll probably still stick with the standard gold and white, I’m always very curious.)

If you’re willing to do customs, I’ll take a red and glow in the dark one please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not exactly options or customs :sweat_smile: it’s more dependent on what filament I have at the time. So far I have black and white.

I mean… if you can pay for the new filament roll and wait for it to arrive then why not but I feel like you might prefer printing it yourself, remember all the files are public :link:Loadstone


The app is coming along nicely. Today I added the “My upgrades” section where you will be able to add al your implants and will see tests results and analytics for each of them.
I’m going to try and have a workable version with the core features related to the lodestones this month.
I already have the magnetometer, signal generator and one of the testing sequences.

Speaking of these I implemented a way for you to pick which tests you want to perform and also chose between three durations for each (quick, standard and long). So you can fine tune your tests based on your needs and patience :ok_hand:

Edit: I also decided on a name, maybe: Cyborg Center


Cyborgs R Us :stuck_out_tongue:
What about The Cortex? Had to throw it in, just rewatched Firefly lol
Glad it’s coming along nicely! Can’t wait to download it!


It’s definitely sound more badass but maybe less play-store keyword friendly. I want “cyborg” to be in there but I’m open to ideas…

Yes :joy:


Cyborg Cortex Center aka CCC haha
I like Cyborg Center though!


CCC taken by a respectable group…