Logging and verification

I know this is going to cause some feedback. I want to use the chip purposefully to identify myself and secondarily (if possible after step 1) my location.

Is there already some hardware that makes accessible/downloadable logs? For that Samsung door-lock for example? Can it be interfaced and have logs read?

For example. If I want to know every time I use my front door lock in log form. Is there a door lock config that would be able to do that in combination (obviously) with some appropriate interface software. Perhaps similar to how some companies track employee “clock in” “clock out” activities with RFID tags but instead with the tag in my hand.

I AM NOT LOOKING TO DO THIS FOR COMMERCIAL PROFIT REASONS. I have had problems with clients I work for saying I didn’t do work when I did. So if I can scan an RFID implanted in me at a fixed location SCANNER/AGITATOR then I could only be me doing this (unless it is the lesser clonable RFID, which it wont be).

I understand peoples objections to using this tech. in this way but it’s inevitable that people will try and use the location abilities of scanners like this https://www.barcodesinc.com/caen-rfid/part-wr4300pxgprs.htm#overview for tracking.

IMO it would be best to get out in front of these kinds of uses. Before you sell a bunch and find out there in a bunch of old people being tracked around the assisted living facility. This way you can attempt to head off bad publicity etc.

Please don’t hate me Amal! Think of me as a white-hat bio-hacker. Future generation while hate me for ruining the game of hide and seek forever. I’m sure

Thanks everybody!

A passive RFID chip can’t really do what you’re asking. It has no GPS functionality and doesn’t record the time/location of when it was last scanned AFAIK. The functionality that you’re looking for would be part of the RFID reader (door lock or whatever) access logs. You’d have to find whatever device your clients are using and determine whether or not it keeps access logs and then get access to them through that particular client.

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Cool. Well I’m kinda just asking if anyone knows of any locks or other devices that simply log a scan of the RFID implant. I understand the difference betweem RFID, gps etc. they are separate components. I didn’t word my project plan very well. am thinking maybe I should start by finding software such as this http://www.360biometrics.com/fingerprint-identification/PersonID_fingerprint_identification_solution.php that is capable of logging, see what RFID scanners it is compatible with and work backwards so to speak.

Do you think that’s best or do you know a more open source, less proprietary solution?

Thanks again, sorry I wasn’t clear.

yeah exactly… any commercial access control system or time-and-attendance system will log interactions with readers and scanners. but, if clients already don’t trust you, who’s to say they wouldn’t claim you typed up fake logs? a photo of you at the job site or of you doing the work, which you them email to them on the spot … that would probably do more for their confidence :slight_smile:

Thanks Amal.

I totally understand what your saying as it is rational and reasonable. Unfortunately it seems to me a majority of the population here in SoCal are not. Frequently referred to as “common sense” one could make argument it down here it should be renamed “uncommon sense”. If this is not your experience in Seattle you are fortunate to be surrounded by thoughtful people. I am not (moving to NorCal soon).

I applaud your candor in this issue as complex problems require many angles of consideration to understand, let alone solve. I realize I have barking up the wrong tree trying to use an RFID as any legally sound means of personal identification. I would be better off using biometrics hardware+software that is certified by the FBI such as SecuGen Hamster Pro 20 for verifying my identity. I was hoping to use the RFID as the second factor in a 2-factor ID verification scenario, but your constructive criticism has helped me to see it is not suitable for this use without major re-engineering and a major re-invention of the wheel.

But I will still be doing that deal :wink: :wink: as soon as the refund goes back into my account but nothing so far (7/27/17)

Shortest post yet.

Thanks Amal and I0TA


Common sense… isn’t. :frowning:

You’re not really barking up the wrong tree using RFID, fingerprint scanners are just as easy to spoof/hack as an RFID scanner. They’re just taking a picture and comparing it to a picture in storage so any of the James Bondish rubber cement tricks could conceivably work.

Where I would say you went wrong is working with people that don’t trust you. Managers/clients that expect a “butt in the seat” for 8 hours vs “Getting the job done” are the bane of the modern office.

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