Long range readers

Not that I fear attacks of that type, but here’s a video of someone using a long range rfid reader to clone/read a tag without the target knowing.

I’m wondering how much impact the reader can have on read range…

A lot.
I was going to go into a long ramble, BUT that pretty sums it up.:wink:
I can expand on that statement if you like,but all through this forum you will find people struggling with coupling, which has to do with the antenna and the reader.
The xSeries are fantastic because oftheir size and ease of installation, however the downside is the antenna / reader coupling. WIth a good reader you can get good / easy coupling/reads, with a poor reader, not so much :+1:

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A really important point it orientation, this reader is probably great for cards etc but implants due the different antenna layout would most likely not be read.

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I have two of those readers (review here). They do have quite an incredible range, even with implants. But the crucial bit is, the active reading area is torus-shaped. With transponders that couple well, the torus is fat enough that it become a single blob. With implants that couple less well, there’s a dark zone in the middle of the antenna where the chip hardly ever registers.

Not that it matters too much though: those readers are so forgiving in terms of placement that all you have to do is move your hand a bit, and bam it reads.

Orientation doesn’t matter one bit with those readers: they put out so much power they’ll read in any direction - provided you’re inside the torus.


Thats scary then… I was assuming that because it is a plainer antenna the coil of the implant would be too far out for it to be effective.

How far are we talking? I can’t see more than 3ft read range on an x-series implant under any circumstances. Even then, it would probably need to be an ISO 15693

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i have one of the ID long range readers and i get about 12" with my 3mm EM 2005 og implant… slightly less with 2mm xEM and NExT

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Which one is it exactly? Is it a serial reader? Is it repeating or single shot?

Serial output. Single shot. Bought long time ago… can look closer at it later…