Looking for an implant matching these features

Do you have an implant with 4096 bit rsa gpg2 applet + mifare 2go + fido u2f?

So you basically want an implantable Yubikey?

Your best bet is to wait for the Vivokey Apex along with the rest of us.

This post and thread its in will give you some idea of what I am referring to

VivoKey Apex update - #347 by yeka

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I like the services offered but that they add branding Vivo before each is bad news. There’s 0 chance I’m injecting a tag into my hand with proprietary format bound to their app. The app is a big turn off

I don’t think you read it whole. There is no app it is implantable java smartcard.


There are several apps that can be loaded onto the javacard. They have their own apps, plus 3rd party ones.

So, don’t worry so much about the Vivokey branding, and instead look at what exactly they are offering you.

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