Looking for an NFC bike lock

Hey guys. Have an xnt implant and looking for a bike lock (I assume solar powered?) that I could unlock with my hand. I’ve googled and searched the forums but haven’t found anything.


Which kind of bike lock? Like a bicycle lock (chain and lock)? If so, you might consider a regular chain with a QuickLock + our xIC tag. However… be aware… I have not personally tested the xIC with the QuickLock yet (I did order a QuickLock today though)… I’ve only tested the xIC with their other product the GunBox. Here’s a video of my using an xIC with the GunBox:

The xIC does not come in an injection assembly, so you will have to take it to one of our partners or a local a professional piercer (follow the guide!) for installation using a 10g needle and taper (preferred method).

I guess a basic chain coupled with an NFC padlock would be my preferred option (want to utilize my xNT tag). Do you have any experience with NFC padlocks that you would recommend?