Looking for Arduino + Adafruit examples

I implanted an xNT NFC Tag , NTAG216. I want to write data to it.
I can read my tag with Arduino + Adafruit, but the code fails to write to the tag.
I get an “Unsupported tag” respond from the program ( WriteTag.ino ) available at
in Arduino/Adafruit examples.

Anyone has this configuration with a demo program ?

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hello, I’m trying to read and write my xnt ntag216, I’m working with arduino and PN532, you can help me how you managed to read the UID of the implant … maybe a code … I’ve tested the examples of Arduino / Adafruit and I read other cards not my implant

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Have you tried this; https://github.com/elechouse/PN532

Also check this thread; Success! PN532 is not easy to work with!

The xNT tags are very difficult to couple with the PN532 because of the shape of their antenna. You need to make sure that you’re orienting the tag well, and delivering enough power to the breakout board for it to generate a large field. Some computer USB ports might not put out enough current. You can still use the USB cable for Serial communication, but try powering your board from a battery or power supply instead and see if it reads. (Use “VIN” pin on the Arduino and a 9V battery)

Did you get your PN532 from Dangerous things? I noticed that the ones they sell work way better than the others that I’ve tried. I have one stuffed in a plastic container that reads my UID and logs me in on my computer at work. The one from DT reads my chip from a inch away. The others that I’ve tried I had to have my hand right on the antenna and in the spot that shows the strongest signal with the Xled.

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