Looking for assistance in smart home automation via implant

Edit: I’ll overhaul this main post once we find a solution, test it, and put it more in a tutorial like manner so others can repeat it once we’ve got it figured out, in the meantime I’m brainstorming possible solution paths here.

Currently talking with @Tacticalsatan and we’re trying to figure out the best way to make it so that when he scans his nfc implant he can have his phone send a command to trigger lights and potentially outlets through his amazon echo. I’m open to coding some stuff to interact with the alexa api once I figure out how, but was wondering if anyone has had any experience with tasker or various other automation apps to refine the process. If possible I’d like to avoid coding and all the other mess that comes with working through amazon’s systems.

Edit: Looks like integrating tasker with home assistant on a raspberry pi server might be the way to go, going to continue looking for other routes in the future

Edit 2: Alexa pi & autovoice seem like potential solutions to try.

I currently have 2 raspberry pi 3b+ but theyre running octopi for my 3d printers, but if need be, I can pick another one up no problem.

I was looking to do a ‘dummy’ version of this once I buy my own house where you just set up a relay panel and an arduino behind the wall by the door with a PN532 that’s wired to the circuits you want to trip.

You come home, your hand gets scanned when you put your keys on the wall hook or wherever, and that triggers the house to activate

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I highly recommend that but also this will probably be enough:


Edit: wrong one, that’s echo to tasker. I’ll find the other one shortly.
Edit 2: Can’t seem to find it, could have swan there was one.
I guess the easiest way would be to have an aws lambda that you could either link to with a URL NDEF record or call it via tasker.

If you have questions about Alexa (I work on Alexa) or Home assistant (I use this alot) happy to help out


What are these “key” things you speak of in the near future of your smart home…


I haven’t had a chance to wire the ignition on my '98 Camry for NFC yet q:

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Yeah I was looking at aws lambdas and such and it seems way over my head at the moment, I’ll have to watch some tutorials. I think the best start to this project is definitely the raspberry pi. Gonna work backwards, first pull the middle man out (Amazon) to control the lights, but still let the echo have access to them if possible. Then figure out how to make the pi deal with tasker or just slap an nfc scanner hat on the pi and work from there.

Edit: aws≠was

Edit: also could you explain that program you linked for the Alexa? I’m not sure if that’s a route we’ve tried before, I know some people just use their phones automated voice to work with the echo which is a route we saw but didn’t bother with. Goal is completely silent automation so even someone so antisocial they can’t talk to a computer can manage.

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That’s the route I’ll probably go for my own house, personally not a fan of smart devices, I like good ol’ fashion circuits. Less internet the better.


My mindset exactly. I like the convenience, but also like the privacy.

A raspberry pi setup definitely intrigues me.

Just got the lightbulb in to do testing you’ll love this, it uses a protocol called zigabee which is basically low powered wifi and from what I can tell security is pretty void. Ordering a zigabee usb dongle for my pi. Depending on how easy it is to pair I might be able to walk into any hipster coffee shop and throw a rave with the click of a button. Currently working on just turning my pi into an echo to test automation techniques.