Looking for daily livability reviews from those who have flex implants in their knuckles

Hey guys, so I tried a search and couldn’t really find an answer to some of my questions.

I’m considering a knuckle flex implant for convenience, but a big hold I have on that is my workout style. Every now and again I use a punching bag, and on a daily basis I do push-ups on my knuckles, both the ones close to palm, and my fingertips.

If I do this, I’m concerned that the implant will be damaged or work loose.

Is there anyone here that uses heavy bags with knuckle implants, or does knuckle pushups? Do they hold up to it?

Thank you for any insight!

I don’t but I don’t think anyone does, it sounds like a very bad idea. From the experience I have with flexes it sounds uncomfortable and would ruin the electronics in a short time.
Counterintuitively flexes are not really meant to flex. They can sustain normal sub skin deformation (to an extent) but not actually bend.
What you’re describing would wrap the flex over the bone bellow…

I would recommend getting them somewhere else or changing your workout routine :wink:

I believe they may mean positions 7, 8, 9, or 10

6 could be viable for punching and pushups :thinking:
I had the same dilemma with my donext on the back of the hand and crack climbing, I never dared to crack climb with it. Just feels weird


Well, I won’t be changing my routine any time soon, because I am a lazy SOB and it took a while to get into this one haha.

As for positions, I was actually looking at possibly the knuckles beyond 7-10, and just removing those pushups altogether, as I rarely do them anymore.

As for 6, it may be the ticket, but I’m concerned about tool usage there. I also ride a jet ski in the summers, so jumps could be dangerous to that position. It’s starting to sound like a wrist-based implant to me the more I look into it.

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That’s a pretty tight spot for a flex implant. I have friggin’ bear paws and I don’t think I could have put my FlexClass there.

I really want to try some x series in that area, but I keep waffling… a flex wouldn’t fit… but I feel like I could get away with an x series

Well, I’m learning more and more, and I dont think it will even work for me anyway. My hands aren’t gigantic, but they definitely ain’t small. I was under the assumption the flex implants had some wiggle to them, but after this thread and more reading, I’m starting to lean towards the forearm.

Forearm, I would suggest you ask yourself

Do you want to be able to scan it yourself, or present it to a reader… because it’s probably not going to be great at both at the same time

I’m leaning forearm a couple inches up from my thumb on the inside edge of my arm

images (1) (1)

I can think of 2 people with finger flex implants. ( One with 2 of them )
It is definitely NOT a reccomended location but it can and has been done.

This should be done in consultation with a professional, including the actual install :bangbang:

Specifically what position did you have the next in? Also a fellow climber with a friend that wants to go crack climbing but I’m afraid to with the next between the thumb and index

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Theres typically a fat vein that likes to run through there; ER techs like to go there for secondary IVs when the antecubital area is already in use in both arms. Just my first thought about that spot as a phlebotomist

Here’s what I’m thinking

Blue is where I feel a vein/artery… it’s a bit more pronounced since my ulnar artery is out of commission

Red is planned flex location for self scan purposes, authorization scans or data storage etc, sitting right on top of the arm bone

Blue is an artery, red might be far enough down to where the vein turns and goes back towards the elbow. To best learn where you veins are, apply a tourniquet (or honestly just roll your sleeve up uncomfortably tight) stand up, let your arm hang, and pump your fist, your veins will pump up better(the vein I’m talking about specifically needs this to be found easily)

My main concern is(unless you have it clearly marked) someone will try to do for a vein below that site(closer to the hand) miss the vein and knick the implant while fishing(fishing for veins is bad and is taught as such, but some medical professionals do it anyways unfortunately)

If you go even an inch or 2 higher, we do significantly less IVs near there; where your veins are deeper into the muscle

That’s interesting, I’ve never seen an iv not between the arm bones

Hands and feet are common also

If you’re in an emergency situation(or just really sick) IVs will go wherever they find a nice vein. ER Techs would always show me that specific spot as a good place to get an IV when other places are taken, or just not working. Often yes they will go the Antecubital area(the nook of your elbow) or forearm, but if they are missing veins up there that’s often the next best place. If you can get a tattoo that makes them aware then they will avoid it, it just has to be clear there’s a chip under there.

I’m also just thinking about if I was drawing your blood in the middle of the night(which will happen if you’re in inpatient for a few days) I have 40-50 other patients to get through in 5 hours so I’m moving pretty quick trying to do this blood draw in under 5 min, palpating for a vein in all the “good” spots; which usually starts with right there below the thumb because all the other typical spots are taken by IVs.

Tl;dr in my personal opinion to be safest I would get a tattoo that clearly marks the implant, as that’s where I see blood drawn and IVs started often, but it’s your body, your choice my friend. I wish the best for whatever you decide is best for you.

Just no IOs please and thanks… those fuckers make my skin crawl at the concept

If you’re getting an IO, you’re not awake to say no lol. Typically those are only used in cardiac incidents and when the patient is very much unconscious…typically