Looking for input on a thing

I have two implants; one in each hand. In my left hand is an RFID implant that I would like to use with the Kwikset KEVO front-door deadbolt that I just installed. My question is, with the gun-type cloner from the DT store no longer being offered due to issues, is there another relatively cheap way I can copy the Kwikset KEVO RFID FOB and program the data into the implant in my hand? Most options seem pricey.

The first question is - what type of chip does the Kwikset KEVO fobs use? If it’s EM or HID ProxCard II then no problem. If it’s something else or proprietary, then it won’t clone to the ATA5577 chip in the xEM. At this time we don’t know what chip type the KEVO fobs use.