Looking for installer near Kansas City

That stinks. I can empathize. I don’t have things shipped to my house because USPS is so terrible where I live.

From experience I can say that fortunately if you call the local post office they can see the GPS location the package was delivered to. Should help narrow down the search.

Thanks for the tip!
I just moved here a little over a month ago and I’m not sure if I have a bad USPS driver, or bad roommates that take mail. Or, probably the most likely, bad apartment employees.

Got the implants! They were given to the wrong resident. Thanks for the info everyone!


Well, I got the xSIID implanted at the bar today. Was sure to make everything sanity. I had a vasal vago ~2 minutes after install that lasted, I’m guessing 10 minutes. I couldn’t tell if I could feel the chip before I put the band aid on, so I’m a little concerned that it went deep, hopefully the LED still shines through! Will test it out in a few days after I take the band aid off! He didn’t charge me for the install but I left a $25 tip!
I didn’t realize, but someone there is a firefighter and he got really concerned when I had the vasal vago reaction and kept an eye on me. I freaked him the fuck out with the whole “chip implant” thing, He said I can be tracked by the government now and I’m a stupid kid for doing such things. Told him I’m unbelievably stupid for having it installed by a bartender at a bar, but the government can’t track me with it, that’s why I have a phone, let Google track me on that XD


Hey @SuperBee, did you ever find someone to install your implants in Kansas City? I recently moved back to KC and just ordered another implant. The installer I went to in Nevada MO is around a 2 hour drive, trying to find someone closer.

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It’s cool to hear that there are other enthusiasts around the area. I’m located in Topeka, KS. Not too far away. Perhaps we should have a little meetup for the KC area.

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I’m always down to meet up with fellow borgs!
I travel to Topeka occasionally for work too!

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Feel free to PM me and maybe we can meet up sometime, somewhere, Topeka, KC, Lawrence, whatever. I’m usually free after work and on weekends. Glad to know I’m not the only one around. :slight_smile:

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I talked to a piercer today in KC and he’s down to do an install. Will update once I go and get an xG3 installed by him. Fingers crossed!

MO or KS? I was told by a piercer here in KS that it is illegal for piercers to do dermals in KS because it is considered a “medical procedure.”

MO. It is illegal in KS. Iirc it’s because you are completely inserting a foreign body under the skin which is what makes it a medical procedure.

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Definitely let us know how it goes and if they’re willing, who they are. I’d definitely be interested, I’ve been looking for an installer nearby. Could you ask them if they’d do flex implants too if you don’t mind?

He hasn’t done any subdermal stuff at all, so I’ll be his first victim with an xG3v2 install lol
My previous installer in Nevada MO said she was willing to do a flex install. She hasn’t done one yet to my knowledge, but she’s willing to do it using the needle as a scalpel method.

If things go well, definitely encourage them towards getting on the partners map (such as it is).

People are always looking for installers, and we should promote any willing ones we can.

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That’s the plan!